How to get from Naples to Positano (Private Transfer)

A private transfer is the best way to travel from Naples to Positano. Private transfers are door to door, allowing for maximum flexibility and convenience by providing a high-end alternative with a top-rated luxury vehicle to enjoy your trip. Trips that would typically take hours or days by public transportation can be accomplished in just a few hours!

Private Transportations Naples to Rome

Naples is the largest city in Southern Italy and the capital of the region of Campania. It is situated on the Gulf of Naples, a bay on its south coast bordered by Capri to the east, Ischia to the north and Sorrento to the west. The Greeks founded the city in the 3rd century BC and named Neopolis a new city in Greek.

Positano is a town and comune in the province of Salerno, in Campania (southern Italy), situated about 12 km west of Amalfi, on a small hill above sea level. The town was once mainly inhabited by fishers and farmers, but tourism has now replaced fishing as its primary source of income. Positano’s beaches are considered the most beautiful in Italy, with white sand and blue water.

Naples limo car service: Book your private driver

As part of our private transfer services, we can take you from Naples to Positano, or vice versa in comfort and style. Private transfers are perfect for those who want to travel independently but would like some assistance from time to time along the way. We will pick you up from your hotel or any other location in Naples and drive you to Positano. Once there, we’ll wait until it’s time to return to Naples.

If you will be in Naples and want to do a tour from Naples to Positano and return, the best means of transportation is a private transfer from Naples to Positano. It’s probably the fastest option with no stress involving your family or friends. You can also contact us if you have any questions about the trip or if you want more information about other services that we offer in the area.